CARDIOVASCULAR GENOMICS LABORATORY  -  Cardiology, Geneva University Hospital - Tulipe Center For Cardiovascular Research

My laboratory investigates cardiovascular traits and cardiovascular risk by a number of genetic, clinical, and public-health approaches. Primary hypertension and blood lipids are two of our main foci.


Hypertension / Blood Pressure GWAS locus list
GWAS locus list

Datasets (p-values only, signed full results can be obtained from dbGaP)
2009 CHARGE datasets (available in 06/2017)
2011 ICBP SBP/DBP datasets
2016 ICBP CardioMetabo-Chip dataset (available in 06/2017)
2017 ICBP 1000G datasets (manuscript in revision - expected in 07/2017)

Resilience Trust (Effort to end Cardiovascular Disease in Africa)
SKIPOGH study (population-based study in Switzerland)

Editorial work
European Journal of Internal Medicine
Journal of Hypertension

Laboratory lead: Georg Ehret, MD CC
Li Lin, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow)
My main interests are the genetic determinants of human blood lipids as a complex and monogenic trait. My main focus is currently the sequencing of familial hypercholesterolemia genes in large population-based and myocardial infarction samples from Switzerland.
I received my PhD from the Technische Universität München with post-doctoral work at the University of Liège in animal genomics.

Daniela Baptista, MS (Research assistant)

Daniela Vivaldo (master student)